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About us

DATABackup.PK is Pakistan based data backup company specialized in Cloud Storage object systems with technology roots at the medium-scale space. We ( introduced its object based platform in 2021.

The Company (DATABackup.PK) was formed with the clear objective and vision to revolutionize data backup and restoration by brining online storage to demanding entity.

Managing the Data Backup of Unmanaged Data Challenge

Individual’s, Personals System holders, Government Sector Machines, broadcasters, researchers, and software developers need solutions to help them contend with the explosive growth in unstructured data to manage and backup their data. Across all industries – from media, to medical, to industrial – new applications, formats, and technologies are driving this rapid increase of data, creating issues around backup storage costs and complexity therefore we (DATABackup.Pk) provided you our services to manage and create the space in data world to maintain and arrange your data backup services at your satisfaction level.

We (DATABackup.PK) simplifies enterprise storage with limitlessly scalable storage that consolidates massive data sets to a single, easily managed environment with our own cloud system.

DATABackup.PK included recover android data, backup and restoration of data from personal computers, cloud backup facility, backup restoration service for personal and commercial level, online backup services for your data, backup service for monthly and annually basis and more.

Solution and services we Provide physically and Remotely

Common backup solutions and in their general storage capacity of your various devices.

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